ENTRACT 127 is a business centre that offers working spaces at co-working areas, private serviced offices for individual use, conference and meeting rooms, event venue, as well as services that facilitate the use of the working spaces, premises and areas.

ENTRACT 127 is owned and managed by CXO Partners, a limited liability company, registered in the Company Register with the Registry Agency, uniform ID code 205264237 (“the Owner”).

Activities and services at ENTRACT 127 are performed to the benefit of individuals and legal entities (“customers”) on the basis of a contract concluded with the Owner.

These Internal Rules and Regulations of ENTRACT 127 (“the Internal Rules and Regulations”) establish the terms and conditions that apply to everyone who is at the premises of ENTRACT 127, and govern the use of the offered working spaces, offices and services.

1. Use of Areas and Equipment at ENTRACT 127

1.1. Customers may not place properties and belongings at common parts and areas of ENTRACT 127 when this impedes or disturbs the use of such part and areas by others.

1.2. Smoking und use of all types of tobacco products and their alternatives, including all types of electronic or smokeless cigarettes and electronic devices for tobacco heating, is forbidden in all premises and terraces, including the common parts and terraces in ENTRACT 127, except for the explicitly designated and marked places for smoking at the terrace on floor 5 of ENTRACT 127. For every violation of this restriction customer owes a penalty at two times the amount of the sanction for such violation set forth in the law. The penalty under the preceding sentence shall be due by the customer also for violations committed by its workers, employees, representatives, contractors, clients and/or visitors

1.3. It is prohibited that Hazardous Substances, Prohibited Substances and Prohibited Articles are brought in, stored or otherwise used at the territory of ENTRACT 127.

“Hazardous Substances” means materials, substances, waste and products that are defined in the applicable legislation as hazardous, toxic, harmful or polluting (or in other terms with a similar meaning).

“Prohibited Substances” means narcotic substances - narcotics and psychotropic substances as defined in the Narcotic Substances and Precursors Control Act.

“Prohibited Articles” means firearms, compressed air and carbon dioxide weapons, stunning devices, chemicals, gases and sprays, explosives and incendiary substances and devices.

1.4. The use of food and alcoholic beverages at the co- working desk spaces within the co-working areas of ENTRACT 127 is not encouraged. Customers are encouraged to use the designated places for these purposes.

1.5. Pets and other animals are not allowed in the co- working areas of ENTRACT 127. Access to all other areas such as private serviced offices for individual use, conference and meeting rooms and event venue is allowed upon prior request and written consent of the Owner.

2. Condition

2.1. Customers are expected to keep the used co- working desk spaces, offices, areas, equipment and all common areas at ENTRACT 127 in a tidy, hygienic and operative condition, by applying the due care.

2.2. Customers inform the Owner of all damages that they caused or noticed on the territory of ENTRACT 127, including the hall at floor 5, and of any potential damages that may occur. All damages are repaired by the Owner within the shortest possible deadline and with the least possible disturbance for customers and visitors at the business centre. Customer is required to pay for all costs and expenses for the damages and their repair, in case they have been caused by him or his workers, employees, representatives, contractors, clients or visitors.

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3. Light sources

Any objects (such as bottles, packages, cupboards, paper, folio, etc.) may not be placed on any outside or inside windows and doors in a way to disturb or prevent the incoming light or deteriorate the outlook of the building.

4. Information, promotion and adverting

Use of loud speakers and systems for public information and advertising of goods and services, or for other purposes, is prohibited. Customers should refrain from engaging in unsolicited advertising and promotional activities of products and services on the territory of ENTRACT 127 aimed at other customers and visitors, except within advertising and promotional campaigns that have been agreed with and approved by the Owner in advance.

5. Marking, painting, drilling, cutting, etc.

Customers may not mark, paint, drill holes, cut or change in any other way the appearance of any part of the used spaces. No cabling or other installations, antennas, blinds, advertising boards, umbels, blinds and others could be installed, unless the Owner has been consulted in advance and gave its consent in writing.

6. Floor covers

Customers may not place in the used spaces any floor covers different from the existing ones or on top of them.

7. Noises and Odours

Customers may not make noise that disturbs other customers and visitors. As work often requires a certain level of concentration and may involve pressure and stress, everyone is required to put their best effort to ensure calm and silent environment for those working at ENTRACT 127. Telephone conversations, visits, conducting meetings and discussions at the co-working areas is not encouraged, these should be held at the designated areas. Customers may not create conditions for diffusion of unusual or unpleasant odours that penetrate the used spaces. Upon use of the hall on floor 5 of ENTRACT 127, making noise after 10pm is forbidden.

8. Garbage disposal

Customers need to dispose of the garbage only at places designated for this purpose and keep the rules for garbage collection. In the cases of generating waste products more than the usual, from packings or with different origins, each customer is required to organize, at its cost and expense, the transport of the waste products and dispose of them in a place previously co-ordinated with the authorities. In case that waste products more than the usual are generated in the common parts while transferring any kind of goods from and to the space that is used by a customer, the latter needs to organize immediately their cleaning and pay the expenses for that.

9. Health and Safety

Each customer is responsible for the health and safety of its workers, employees, representatives, contractors, clients and visitors who work at or are found on the territory of ENTRACT 127. Customers need to undertake all necessary measures in order to eliminate circumstances and situations at ENTRACT 127 that may threaten or harm third parties’ properties, life and health.

10. Placing weights on the floors

Customers may install deposit boxes and other heavy objects at the space that they use after coordinating this with the Owner in advance and obtaining its consent in writing.

11. Electrical appliances

The installation of electric appliances in the used spaces that are different from the standard equipment for the permitted use of the premises is forbidden, unless it is coordinated with the Owner in advance and its consent in writing is obtained. In addition, customers should not overload or damage appliances installed by the Owner.

12. Fire safety

Customers are required to comply with all internal rules, instructions and orders issued by the Owner and the competent authorities and organizations for fire safety on the territory of ENTRACT 127. Customers may not store in the used spaces combustible materials or materials that increase the risk of fire. Customers may not store, install or use the following types of heaters: unventilated, gas supplied, heaters without automatic regulators, etc.

13. Tents, shelters, curtains, blinds, sunshades, screens or others

Curtains, blinds, sunshades, screens, etc. may not be attached to the outside of the windows or doors of the building where ENTRACT 127 is located.

14. Billboards, advertisements, notices, signs and interior postings

Billboards, graphic signs, advertisements, notices, interior postings, posters, corporate logos, etc. may not be placed outside of the used spaces without the written consent of the Owner. Such signs may be placed only by Customers at the leased private offices, provided that their installation and future removal will not damage the walls, floors, ceilings of the premises. Placement of paintings, wallpaper, mirrors, etc. on the walls of the used premises or changes in the type and the colour of the wall paint may only be done with the Owner’s prior written consent. All advertisements should be in accordance with the overall appearance of the building. It is mandatory that an advertisement placed by one customer does not reflect in a negative way on image and advertisement of another customer. For this reason and to protect the interests of all customers, it is required that the Owner approves each advertisement before it is placed. If the procedure for approval and placement of a customer’s advertisements requires expenses, the customer will cover them. Posting of informational, trade or advertising facilities outside of the leased private offices is to be prior approved by the Owner in writing.

15. Keys and locks

15.1. Customers have no right to change the locks of the doors of the used spaces and their mechanisms, nor to install additional locks, chains, etc., without the prior written consent of the Owner. Customers will be given free of charge keys or cards, if the latter are agreed on, for the entrance door lock of the building, the shared working space and/ or the leased private office spaces. After the termination of the contract each customer is obliged to return to the Owner all keys/cards for access to ENTRACT 127 and certain spaces, regardless whether they have been given to him by the Owner, or the customer has acquired them in another way. If customer fails to comply with this obligation, customer will be required to reimburse the Owner for the expenses made in connection with replacing the locks. In all cases, the Owner will charge a customer a penalty fee of BGN 20 for each access chip that is given to customer but not returned back to the Owner.

16. No Discrimination and Harassment

Discrimination and harassment are prohibited on the territory of ENTRACT 127. All customers, including their workers, employees, representatives, contractors, clients and visitors should feel well received, comfortable and treated equally at ENTRACT 127, regardless of their gender, race, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, personal situation or other personal attributes or belief.

17. Confidentiality of Information and Data

The Owner does not assume any obligations or guarantees for maintaining the confidentiality of the information handled by customers, their employees, representatives, clients and visitors during their work and stay at ENTRACT 127. Customers are responsible for providing appropriate measures to protect this information from unauthorized access, reproduction, use and distribution by other customers, their employees, representatives, clients or visitors, such as providing a lock on the computer screen during physical absence, access with an individual password, storage of confidential documentation and information in lockable lockers, conducting conversations in the places provided for this purpose – isolated telephone booths and meeting rooms.

18. Policy on Internet Use

The Owner assumes no obligations and makes no warranties as to the security of the internet connection, the wired and wireless information systems and services provided at ENTRACT 127, or of any data or communications system or any information that anyone sends through or place on them. Customers should not have any expectation of privacy with respect to such systems. The Owner is not responsible for any loss of data, information, business, goodwill or otherwise as a result of interruptions. Customers are responsible to protect their own computers, devices and data, information, business and goodwill from damage or interference, including but not limited to cyberattacks, viruses, malware or similar. While customers are at ENTRACT 127, they may connect to ENTRACT 127 data network to access the internet. Customers are prohibited from using the internet connection or taking any action online that violates the applicable laws and regulations, or that could harm the Owner, other customers or any third party, or interfere with the operation of the data network to others (“Prohibited Uses”). Breaching “Prohibited Uses” may result in civil or criminal liability. The Owner may report such breaches to relevant law enforcement authorities and co-operate with those authorities to prosecute users who violate these terms.

19. Access in and after working hours. Access cards

All of the customers are obligated to legitimate after representative of the security of ENTRACT 127 asks them to do so. The Owner will have the right to register all visits after and before working hours for the security of all customers. After 6pm if the hall on floor 5 of ENTRACT 127 is not rented / engaged for an individual event, only the customer and/ or his employees have the right to access the hall, but not representatives, contractors, clients or visitors. In case the hall is rented / engaged for an individual event, only the persons determined by the organizer of the event have the right to access the hall.

20. Security. Property.

The territory and the common parts of ENTRACT 127 have a 24-hour security (physical and by cameras). With that regard, customers are obliged to comply with the requirements of the security company. Customers take measures to preserve all items and equipment that they bring to and use at ENTRACT 127. It is recommended that customers maintain property insurance of any such property, at its full replacement value, at least against the following risks: theft, robbery, vandalism, malicious acts of third parties, fire, storm, flood, hail, lightning, explosion, earthquake, damage caused by or in connection with aircraft. The Owner is not responsible for stolen or missing customer’s property in ENTRACT 127.

21. Failure to Comply with the Internal Rules and Regulations

Any failure to comply with the Internal Rules and Regulations by a customer, its workers, employees, representatives, contractors, clients or visitors will be considered a non-performance of the agreement between the customer and the Owner with the related consequences.