4 reasons why in-person meetings are better than virtual

Published on June 16, 2022

During the Covid-19 pandemic we got quite used to working from home with Zoom, Teams and all the other virtual platforms becoming our most utilized tool for connecting with others. Despite their many benefits including being able to have meetings whilst with your pajamas on, or waking up five minutes before your call, no online tool can replace meeting in-person. In addition to not having to worry about the strength of your WiFi, if you are on mute, or if your colleagues can see your screen, in-person meetings have much more important positives. We list 4 of them below:

  1. More meaningful relationships

Having a meaningful relationship with your employees or colleagues is of extreme significance for the overall motivation and dynamic of the team. According to a study conducted by Forbes Insight, 85% prefer meeting in-person as they can build better connection with others.

Whether you have settled in one of our private office suites or using our state-of-the-art meeting rooms, your comfort is guaranteed, allowing you to direct your attention at building those much-needed relationships that are key for the development of any business.  

  1. Reduced distractions

Meeting virtually is certainly convenient but how does it impact the quality of the conversation? While working from home, distractions are all around. You may be tempted to throw an innocent glance at your favorite series on Netflix or even hang your washing while on a call. These distractions are eliminated in in-person meetings as you are fully concentrated on the here and now.

The executive ambiance of our space provides a healthy and enjoyable work environment which can boost productivity and help stay present when it counts.

  1. Straightforward communication

We’ve all experienced bad internet connection while in an online meeting. Not being able to hear or fully participate in a conversation due to a lag or a lack of sound can cause frustrations within anyone, not only the individual having difficulty connecting but also the person on the other side. In-person meetings guarantee better, more straightforward, and concise communication between participants.

Our flexible working space is equipped with high-end technology that helps prevent any technical difficulties and disruptions, so that your focus is always on the important matters of your business.

  1. Better first impressions

We all like to make a good first impression when meeting someone new, especially when we are looking to attract a new hire or a potential client. Meeting at a nice venue in-person can certainly help with that.

Why not impress them by inviting them for a meeting at our Entract 127 offices in the heart of Sofia? The stylish and tasteful interior of our meeting rooms will undeniably dazzle anyone who steps into them.

Get in touch today to book a visit to our exclusive working space.

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