5 ways to make your company event more memorable

Published on October 3, 2022

5 ways to make your company event more memorable

It’s Оctober – students are back in school, and businesses are ready to recoup with revamped strength after the long summer holidays. A key approach to do that is through events – getting your employees, your partners, or your customers together in one place is the best way to catch up, discuss your business performance so far or align on strategic goals for the rest of the year. It’s important your event is not strictly business - everyone enjoys having a little dose of fun in between the serious conversations. It’s all about balance after all!

Not to worry though, we give you 5 ways to make your event truly memorable amongst your guests, one that will be talked about long after it’s passed.

  1. Spend time on choosing the right catering for your event

Choosing the right catering is crucial for the overall success of your event. It may seem not that significant given the business focus of the gathering but will surely make a difference. It will show your good taste, impress your guests with your attention to the smallest detail and delight their taste buds, ultimately putting them in a good mood.

At Entract 127, we work with one of the best in business to make sure your guests’ experience is like a fine dining one. From choosing the right menu to negotiating preferential rates on your behalf, we’ve got you covered.

  1. Add a special touch

Whether it’s a nice little gift for them to take away after the event or a beautiful venue that can make any guest feel good just by being in it, it’s important to add a special touch. It will not only show you’ve put in the effort to make their experience great but will also make them remember it for a long time and look forward to the next one.

Our stylish event space has all the attributes to impress any guest whilst our open terrace lounge overlooking Rakovski Street will leave them truly mesmerized.

  1. Plan ahead

You cannot have a successful event without having a solid plan first. The first thing to think about is your event objective. What’s its main purpose? Is it to attract new potential customers? Or to align employees on the goals of the business for the rest of the year? Having a clear objective in mind will help you plan your event in a way that guarantees your objective is reached.

Another significant detail you need to be mindful of is whether your event would require the use of technical equipment. And if so, it’s important you test it before the event to make sure everything is working and ready. No one enjoys having to wait for screens and presentations to be set up as it takes time and acts as a distraction from the event objective.

Our team of professionals is here to assist you and ensure everything is prepared – from multimedia to coffee supply, guest welcoming and decoration. So, that no unexpected glitches and disruptions arise.

  1. Have a clear agenda

When talking about planning, we can’t not talk about having a clear structure and agenda to how you want your event to happen. This allows for better organization and lets your attendees know what to expect at the event. It’s also important to stick to the time frames you set up for the different parts of your event, to avoid guests wanting to leave early if the event runs over.

  1. Make your event sustainable

Sustainability is becoming a key focus for many companies and individuals. It’s no longer just a trend that can be easily ignored but rather a must-have. Companies should strive to reduce their environmental impact and one way to do so is to be mindful of their carbon footprint when carrying out a company event. This can be done differently – using eco-friendly tableware or a sustainable catering company, for example.

At Entract 127, we work with a number of vendors, including ones that look to reduce food waste, something that would definitely help to impress your guests, and be good for the environment, of course. 

To make sure all 5 of these are taken into consideration, why not book our event space for an undeniably memorable experience?

We’ll ensure all planning details are handled and go above and beyond to make you and your guests feel truly appreciated. All that’s left for you will be to focus on achieving your event objective, for which we have no doubt you’ll succeed!

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