Entract 127 teams up with Boho and Ribs Brothers

Published on October 17, 2022

Entract 127, the exclusive business space in the heart of Sofia, is partnering up with the go-to brunch spot, Boho, and Ribs Brothers, the small and cozy restaurant for meat lovers. Through the delivery platform DelivMe, Entract 127 members will now be able to order fresh food delivered straight to the office within an hour, at preferential prices. The service is introduced exclusively for Entract 127. In addition, members will be accustomed to receiving 10% off when visiting a location of the restaurants by showcasing their Entract 127 membership.

Monica Grigorova, General Manager of Entract 127 says, “With the approach of the cold months, we wanted to make sure our members have the option to get warm, fresh, high-quality food at the click of a button which will be brought to the office within an hour, at a lower cost than usual. Furthermore, the food is delivered directly from the restaurant to our members without any additional stops on the way. We are excited to be working with Boho and Ribs Brothers and to add this to the range of services we offer to our members.”

Alexander Iliev, Co-Founder of Boho and Ribs Brothers, says, “We are delighted to partner up with Entract 127 to provide their members with varied, good ingredients food. This is the first time we introduce such a service and look forward to seeing how it performs.”

The official launch of the partnership will be commemorated at Entract 127’s fall cocktail, Gourmet Food and Cocktails, on Wednesday, 19 October 2022 on the top floor of the exclusive business space, with delicious nibbles from Ribs Brothers and Boho’s signature cocktails.