Meet the members of Entract 127 - AQRU

Published on February 1, 2022

It’s our members that make Entract 127 so unique. We are pleased to welcome bright companies of all sizes and sectors and provide them the space and the ambiance they need to help their business flourish!


Join us for a series of stories that will lift the curtains of Entract 127 to reveal some of the companies that made Rakovski 127 their home.


We are happy to welcome our first member in these series - AQRU. The company currently has 7 employees and has settled in one of our stylish prive office suites, located on the third floor of our building. 

We asked Aqru to tell us more about their business.

"Aqru Finance is an international company that specialises in financial technologies and crypto currencies investments."

Can you share with us one of the achievements of your company that you are proud of? 

“We found great people and we launched our product on the market very quickly. It is already gathering lots of interests from clients from various countries” 


And what are the future plans for the company?

“Improvement of our services, increasing their number and their coverage in new countries, as well as expanding our client base - that’s our focus for the future.” 


Tell us more about your way of working? Has that changed in any way during the pandemic?


"The company was established less than a year ago and everyone was working from home. However, we were looking for the opportunity to have our own space to enable us to communicate better, to create together. "


And here you are in Entract 127 :) So the office workspace makes a difference? 


“Our company is new and the opportunity to spend time at work together with the team is important for all of our employees."


And why in particular did you choose Entract 127? 


“We were looking for a central location and a place that matches our philosophy - new, modern, made-to-impress space, with flexible terms and friendly atmosphere” 


And how are your employees finding the new office? 


"Very well! Everyone is impressed by the look of the space and all the amenities it offers!" 


How would you describe your new office with one word? 


"Amazing! "


And the neighbourhood? What’s your favouite place on our street - Rakovski? 


“Our office ;)"