Meet the members of Entract 127 - Connecto Group

Published on February 18, 2022

Today we are introducing to you another one of our members – Connecto Group. Connecto Group specializes in organizational consulting, including services like HR, organization efficiency and digitalization.  We won’t hide that they have settled in perhaps one of our favourite private offices – those overlooking Rakovski street. They are currently a team of 4 and growing.

Can you share with us one of the achievements of your company that you are proud of? 

Our biggest achievement is that we are currently growing due to the trust we are building in our partners. We are fighting the small battles every day to stand by it. Everything else is easy.

And what are the future plans for the company?

We are planning on making things that go beyond the standards and that no one is expecting from us. We are planning to grow as a team and to keep growing the value added to the society and the business.

Tell us more about your way of working? Has that changed in any way during the pandemic? 

The pandemic has definitely affected us and not only in the way we work. It taught us to look at things differently, in a way we wouldn’t have explored in such depth if it wasn’t for the pandemic. The pandemic obviously had many negative effects but it also made us much more agile.

Why is the workspace important for you? 

We got used to working from home, but the feeling of working together is different. In the office we communicate more, we are more motivated and the fact we are not at home makes us more focused, more responsible and more effective.

And why in particular did you choose Entract 127? 

The location is very central and the modern atmosphere creates a great working environment that enables us to reach our goals. The fact that our hosts are taking care of all details gives us enough time to focus on our business and our growth.   

And how are your employees finding the new office?

The new workspace brings the team together and motivates us. It gives us confidence and gives us a feeling that despite of these weird times, we are developing and new opportunities are in front of us.

How would you describe your new office with one word? 


And the neighbourhood? What’s your favouite place on our street - Rakovski? 

Entract 127 :) And also the parks and the theatres around!