Meet the members of Entract 127 - NS Media Group

Published on February 9, 2022

In the second edition of this series, we introduce to you the buzzing team and in fact one of our very first members - New Statesman Media Group. 

We find them in our coworking space, right next to the our chic black & coral phoneboots which happens to match their brand colours. A coincidence? Well, perhaps not :) 

NS Media Group is a media house, the publishers behind titles including New Statesman, Press Gazette, Capital Monitor, Tech Monitor, Lead Monitor, Spears, Elite Traveler & World of Fine Wine.  A team of 56 people in Bulgaria, they have settled comfortably in our coworking space, as well as in a cosy office on the second floor for those private meetings and team catch-ups. 

We asked NS Media Group to share a bit more about their business. 

Can you share with one of the achievements of your company that you are proud of? 

For a newly established entity during the Pandemic, scaling a strong and stable operation from 0 to 50+ people is an achievement in itself. During the 2 years of existence, the Bulgarian operation was the driver of innovation for the Group, having built and implemented a new digital platform to host Group's websites, launched the "Monitors" websites, introduced data at the heart of the journalism, revamped the design of both digital and print publications.

And what’s your goal for the future? 

Bulgarian office to become the backbone of the organisation.

Tell us more about your way of working? How has the pandemic affected it?

Our company was established right at the beginning of the Pandemic - we launched the business in the midst of the lockdowns. Bringing employees in an office environment is a new experience we're yet to enjoy. It is exciting for many, and terrifying for others. An informal, flexible and diverse office environment with the option to rotate office days with work from home days is probably the right formula in the new world.

And why is the workspace important for you? 

Socializing is key for being healthy, optimistic and productive. It's not just about creativity,  spontaneous meetings and random discussions. It's also about adopting back to being among people and overcoming the effects of 2 years of alienation from the outside world.

Can you tell us what made you choose Entract 127? 

Location, facilities, attitude, personalized approach. 

And what’s the impact of the new workspace to the team? 

Informal and friendly communication, smiling faces, exchange of ideas, common interests, experiences. 

How would you describe your new office with one word? 


And the neighbourhood? What’s your favouite place on our street - Rakovski?

The intersections with the city gardens.