Meet the members of Entract 127 - Positive Thinking Company

Published on March 21, 2022

A lot of positivity has been detected in the air of Entract 127. We believe it has something to do with our latest member – Positive Thinking Company. The Sofia team of the 3300 people company has settled in few of our elegant office spaces on floor two.

Positive Thinking Company provides end-to-end tech solutions with a wide array of expertise, including apps & platforms, security, cloud, data & analytics, hyper-automation and digital workplace. We asked them to tell us more about their company and the role of the workspace.

Can you share with us any achievements of your company that you are proud of?

Positive Thinking Company continually adapts and evolves. The last two years were marked by a company restructuring, the redefinition of our vision and our core values and several acquisitions.

And where is the company heading next, what are your plans for the future?

Positive Thinking Company is constantly growing. We deliver end-to-end tech solutions to more and more clients and we expand our workforce all over the world. We aim at further acquisitions and at becoming a trusted partner for an increasing number of clients by embracing collaboration.

Tell us more about your way of working. How has that changed due to the global pandemic?

Since 2020 remote work has become the norm for our employees. Being an IT company, introducing remote work wasn't complicated at all and we acknowledge that it has many advantages such as greater flexibility, higher motivation, more autonomy and better work-life balance. We also decided not to close the office at anytime in order to give people the possibility to work and to enjoy spending time together.

So the office space still plays a key role, how does it benefit your employees?

It provides a healthy and comfortable work environment to our employees. This is a priority to us because it is key for their well-being.

Why did you choose Entract 127?

Positive Thinking Company is engaged in creating a comfortable, friendly and cheerful working atmosphere. Entract 127 is located in the very center of Sofia and is easily reachable from any part of the city, but this central location is also a very big advantage for people to socialize when gathering somewhere nearby after work.

How's your new workspace benefiting your employees and your company?

Being designed as coworking space and providing a comfortable work environment, Entract 127 enables our employees to enjoy teamwork and collaboration to the fullest.

Can you describe your new office with one word?


Your favourite place on Rakovski street?

Ivan Vazov's house.